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The website has an ECO-RESPONSIBILITY section since 2020. This is much more than just a trend for us; it is a real commitment to the environment for every BOLID’STER product, from design to manufacture. THE CARBON FOOTPRINT IS NOT THE ONLY MESURE THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO

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Motorcycle crash at 80mph with the JEAN’STER

This Summer, one of our customer who bought the JEAN’STER INDIGO had a motorcycle crash. Greg had a motorcycle crash at 80mph. He was wearing the JEAN’STER INDIGO and this ARMALITH® jeans saved him a lot of injuries. Through this interview, he tells us how his accident happen. And how the j

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The RIDE’STER shocks protectors

The RIDE’STER shocks protectors The RIDE’STER are high-tech jeans. Wearing them guarantees a very high level of comfort, freedom of movement and protection that meets the highest standards. In fact, they guarantee a resistance of more than 32m to abrasion if you fall off your bike. In addi

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How can we protect motorcyclists from injury?

Unlike other means of transportation, such as the car, motorcycles pose a greater risk to the biker in the event of a fall on the road surface. A wide variety of protective equipment has been developed because of this. This equipment has been designed to prevent injuries and protect motorcyclists i

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A new workshop for the manufacture of ARMALITH® jeans and jackets in Capbreton

Since 2017, our jeans and jackets have been made entirely in France. Each piece is the result of applying the best French and European know-how, especially for the ARMALITH® fabric.   Until now, our products were manufactured in a garment factory located in Roubaix. For reasons of pr

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Bolidster products manufacturing process

Made in France for common sense! Since 2017, our jeans and jackets are made entirely in France. Each piece is the result of an encounter with the best French (and European in the case of ARMALITH®) craftsmanship. We chose to transfer the manufacturing of all our products to France to sup

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Numbered Jeans

All BOLID’STER jeans made of ARMALITH are numbered, we know where all our products are at all times and we can trace all the manufacturing steps including the manufacturing batches of the fabric (and the abrasion test reports) and the yarns. After purchase we recommend that you register th