Photo d'un homme essayant de déchirer un jean Bolid'ster


ARMALITH® has been woven for more than 17 years and is constantly evolving and improving. In 2015, a new version of Armalith®, codenamed "Armalith® 2.0", was released from the ROYOTEC weaving mill in Valencia. Our entire range of BOLID'STER jeans and jackets is now made from Armalith® 2.0.

Photo d'un homme essayant de déchirer un jean Bolid'ster Photo d'un homme essayant de déchirer un jean Bolid'ster

What are the difference between Armalith® 1.0 and Armalith® 2.0 ?

The most striking evolution between Armalith® 1.0 and Armalith® 2.0 is the stretch. The framework and the thickness of the fabric remain the same, but while the V1 was rigid (non-stretch), the V2 is softer for a second reason: the cotton that covers the technical core is finer. The Armalith® 2.0 is therefore more comfortable. Users can now easily wear their jeans all day without having to shear the back of their knees.

The V2 has a true traditional indigo obtained through a succession of cold baths in indigo dye. The yarn is successively dipped in indigo baths with occasional pauses in the open air (oxidation). It is this more environmentally friendly process that gives an authentic, worn look to the jeans.

Is Armalith® 1.0 still available ?

Yes, you can still find Armalith® 1.0 on used Esquad® jeans, but production of the V1 has been stopped in favor of the latest technological progress.


Since 2015, ARMALITH® is no longer a fabric but a family of fabrics with different M2 weights, different colors, and different abrasion resistances:

  • Cruiser AA 70 km/h range: heir to the “historical Armalith®” in terms of abrasion resistance, this is the most extensive range with different color versions, waterproof-breathable versions, and even a “super stretch” version.
  • Urban A 45 km/h range: lightweight, more fashionable, more stretchy, and more economical
  • Race AAA 120 km/h range: An ultra-high-tech version with a special weave, this futuristic denim, which passes the highest abrasion level of the GP motorcycle standard, cannot line up on a starting line. Its high level of absorbency would soak up a puddle of gasoline if it was in a rider’s trajectory if they slipped.
  • EXO range: an alternative to kevlar linings that can be used as a technical lining in motorcycle gloves or certain parts of clothing. It is a knitted Armalith® which, compared to aramid linings, is lighter, manages perspiration better, is more comfortable, and, of course, provides superior abrasion resistance.

Each textile innovation brings a multitude of different possibilities to manufacture and develop new models, which is why BOLID'STER is exclusively dedicated to Armalith® fabrics.