All BOLID'STER jeans are stretch

This means that the fabric can stretch in areas where there is a lot of wear. This stretch denim effect is achieved by putting a dose of Lycra® into the composite textile. While this would seem to be a traditional process, it led us to a breakthrough innovation whereby we carried out the process in cold conditions and therefore preserved all the mechanical properties of the reinforcing fibers. As a result, this operation uses very little energy, and the elasticity is permanent, even after hundreds of washes (no damage from seating or kneeing).

With Long Stretch,

The fiber composition is

UHMWPE (Armature chaîne )

With Power Stretch,

The fiber composition is

UHMWPE (Armature chaîne + trame)
Photo d'un jean JENY’STER
Photo d'un jean JEAN’STER

The JENY’STER and JEAN’STER models are equipped with the Armalith® 2.0 Long Stretch fabric version.

ARMALITH’s architecture is ingenious: the warp yarns (in the direction of the jeans leg) contain no stretch to make room for the reinforcing fibers.

The weft yarns (perpendicular to the leg) contain finer reinforcing fibers, leaving room for the two stretch components: Pure Lycra® and Lycra T400. One takes care of the stretch, and the other takes care of the return. The association of the two fibers makes it possible to considerably lower the thermofixation temperature and, therefore, energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

It is important to highlight this since this stage, which gives the fabric stretch, also uses the most energy in the textile industry.

Most BOLID'STER jeans are sold with a "raw" finish. This makes it difficult to see how much stretch potential they have. In fact, during the finishing process, we apply a resin that blocks the stretch as one of its functions. This finishing allows the jeans to "learn" and memorize their owner's body shape.

After a running-in period without washing, followed by a period of normal use (with washing), the resin gives way to a superb patina, the jeans are perfectly shaped, and the stretch finally reveals its full extent.

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