The French brand responsible for the world's most reliable jeans.

BOLID’STER : the happy blend of jeans and high technology.
Cut from Armalith®, a denim fabric that is unique in the world, BOLID'STER jeans are famous for their extreme resistance to abrasion.
Designed to equip motorcyclists, their origins are in the long history of jeans, perpetuating the conquering spirit of the pioneers.
BOLID'STER jeans are not only racy: their short distribution manufacturing model is a testament to their ethical and environmental mindset.
BOLID'STER reliable denim, the jeans that stand the test of time!

Image d'un motard avec le logo de bolid'ster par dessus

BOLID'STER manufactures exceptional jeans that allow you to combine audacity on the road with a passion for denim.

BOLID'STER draws its inspiration from the world of denim on the one hand, in particular by looking back into its origins and history. And on the other hand from a passion for beautiful mechanics, whether they be retro or futuristic.

If you add to this an ethical and environmental conscience, as well as a willingness to defend bikers and their freedom, you can understand the energy of BOLID’STER. 


The Jean RIDE’STER faces 120km/h on asphalt during the ARMALITH® Test Days!


The most advanced jeans in history are for women. Welcome to the RIDESS.


Launch of the first jeans model in ARMALITH® XLight.


Alain Bour tests the RIDE'STER III and the JACK'STER at 85 km/hour.


BOLID’STER transfers the manufacture of its jeans to France.


Birth of M'A'D PROJECT.


ARMALITH® becomes supple, stretchy and uses real indigo.


Official recognition of ARMALITH® as a space technology.


Hanging a 4-Ton Hummer from the end of ARMALITH® Jeans


The most intrepid stuntmen test the ARMALITH® (fall 100km/h), the jeans resist and enter into legend.


Pierre Henry Servajean invents the magic cloth