Congratulations on the purchase of your BOLID’STER jeans! These uniquely stylish and authentic jeans will bring you peace of mind and durability in your urban adventures. Their unique performance is the result of using the most advanced materials (including the patented ARMALITH technology) and high quality French workmanship. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your new jeans and how to care for them so that they improve and acquire a patina over the years without ever losing their high performance level.

Try them on:

Your BOLID’STER jeans will relax, so don’t hesitate to choose them a little tight when you buy them and then count about 10 hours (30 hours for a RIDE’STER) of break-in.

Fabric irregularities:

These are quite normal and will increase over time along with the fabric’s patina. They are an integral part of the design of BOLID’STER “Reliable Denim” jeans.

Storage :

Keep away from all heat sources, especially motorcycle exhaust pipes that don’t have thermal protection.

Washing :

Your BOLID’STER jeans are raw and it’s you who will “engrave your hectic life” on their surface. Postpone the first wash as long as possible in order to mark them properly. After several washes, the fabric will naturally become softer and the indigo will lighten to give the authentic look you want. We recommend that you always wash your BOLID’STER products inside out at a low temperature of 30°.

Drying / ironing:

It is best to leave your BOLID’STER jeans to dry flat. You can also tumble dry them on a very delicate cycle. They don’t need to be ironed, in particular if they have been spun dry at low speed (400rpm).

Repairs / Hems :

We advise you to use a leather specialist. Their know-how and tools are better adapted to the cut and stitch of this highly technical fabric. Never use heat.

Motorcycle fall :

During a fall the cotton coating disappears, revealing the technical fibres that form a barrier against the tarmac. This can reduce or even avoid abrasion injuries. Once the jeans have been subjected to this kind of thermal shock, they can no longer be considered to be protective. The JEAN’STER, HIP’STER, JENY’STER and SHORTER resist 20m according to the conditions of motorcycle standard 13595-2 and the RIDE’STER and JACK’STER resist 32m according to the conditions of motorcycle standard 13595-2. Beyond this distance, the UHMWPE technical reinforcement melts. This melted material will never reach your skin under any circumstances. This is due to ARMALITH’s unique, patented architecture.

Ten-year warranty :

All BOLID’STER products in ARMALITH are made in France and have a unique serial number. This number, together with your purchase invoice, allows you to register on and to enjoy a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Serial number :

The serial number of your BOLID’STER product is printed on the right orange pocket inside your jeans or on the leather patch on the back of the jeans for models from 2018 onwards.

Stains: motor oil

Put some solvent on a cotton pad, dab the stains without rubbing them so you don’t damage the color, then immediately spread pure washing-up liquid on them (Fairy liquid etc.), leave for 15 minutes to break down the oil and wash in the machine at 30° inside-out with a liquid detergent! (do not use washing powder). Please note, that we can’t guarantee this will work, but in our experience, it seems to be the best solution.