How aging BOLID'STER raw jeans age?

Photo d'un jean neuf New HIP'STER
Photo d'un jean porté deux ans HIP'STER after 2 years wear


ARMALITH® is indigo dyed in Valencia (Spain) using a process that is both environmentally friendly (cold) and authentic (8 baths). This particular attention to detail means that that the fabric’s blue spectrum and depth is of a very high quality.

BOLID'STER jeans receive a finishing / ennoblement process in Bordeaux. This operation is carried out at low temperature and prepares the indigo to be revealed by its future owner.

We advise you to wait for as long as possible before washing your jeans (1 to 2 months minimum). Once the jeans are « marked », the 8 indigo baths will reveal everything you have accomplished while wearing them on the surface of your BOLID'STER jeans.