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Ultra high tech motorcycle jeans with a vintage look. Their resistance and shock protectors make them the most intrepid riders greatest ally. How to choose the size of your jeans ?
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Crotch length (B) is 34″ or 87cm for all sizes of jeans.


Made in 100% ARMALITH® with an ergonomic cut, these ready-for-anything motorcycle pants feature cutting-edge materials. They are manufactured semi-industrially in our French workshop. Several patents for materials and manufacturing mean that they combine very high performances. « Oiled »  finish EASY : Breathable, light, absorbent, stretch, machine washable.

In the Press

  • "Resistance and look of hell" Asso-scooter.org
  • "The best ally for long two-wheel journeys" Moto 80


  • UHMWPE aerospace grade fibre to ensure abrasion resistance over a distance of 22m if you fall off your bike, according to the conditions of the motorcycle standard Cambridge CE-13595-2 or AA 105Km/h according to the motorcycle standard Darmstadt.
  • Heat shield in meta-aramid mesh in case slipping is prolonged.
  • Patented adaptive system for holding the impact protectors in place.
  • Optional knee and hip impact protectors +35€ (each).
  • Drawstring at the bottom of the legs.

Fabric :

  • Jeans: Armalith® 2.0 Skin 14Oz Indigo
  • 3D Belt: Armalith® 2.0 Skin 12Oz Indigo

Composition :

  • 36% CLY (viscose technique)
  • 33% UHMWPE
  • 15% Cotton
  • 9% PA 6.6 HT
  • 7% Lycra®

Cut :

  • 3D anatomical cut for maximum comfort when riding.
  • The bottom of the jeans can cover your boots (depending on body shape and equipment).
  • Preformed knees.
  • High back.
  • 3D super stretch belt.

Color :

  • Black Skin

Manufacturing :

  • Numbered
  • Made In France 🇫🇷
  • Ten-year warranty

Eco-Responsability :

  • Cold manufacturing saves energy as well as maintaining elasticity after more than 1000 washes.
  • The raw finish saves energy and water.
  • Components from workshops in France, Spain and Italy.
  • Short logistic circuit (less than 1000km from yarn to finished jeans)

Size Advice :

  • The jeans should be a bit tight when you buy them. After that they will gradually adjust to your body shape.
  • THE RIDE'STER Skin has a lot of stretch, but it’s blocked by a primer resin that we apply in finishing. This finishing allows the jeans to "learn" and memorize their owner’s body shape.
  • After about thirty hours of wear, then a few washes, the resin gives way to a superb patina and the jeans are a perfect shape.


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Line RIDE’ster

The RIDE'STER is the answer to everybody who requires more performance and functionality. These extreme jeans are designed in 3D ergonomics specifically for the "ride" position. They are ideal for long journeys, and designed for purist bikers. The RIDE’STER has numerous patents.

Demanding bikers will be delighted by this high-performance "techno / vintage" combination that afford a high level of protection, combined with jeans that are always easy to live with. Even in hot weather. The RIDE'STER is designed to withstand a motorcycle fall on road surfaces. And  guarantee a resistance to abrasion of up to 32m. World first: unlike other brands of motorcycle jeans, our impact protectors (patented and manufactured in Austria) are sewn in and are removable. So bikers have complete freedom to ride with or without them! The impact protectors are generously sized and perfectly positioned on the joints to be protected. The flexible assembly (stretch fabric + elastic buckles) maintains compression on the skin during impact, exactly like a leather suit. The founder had the idea of creating the "ultimate" technical motorcycle jeans in 2004 (the E-Strong model when he was managing ESQUAD). Since 2015, BOLID'STER is in its fifth generation of RIDE'STER. Here are the characteristics of the 5 different models  :

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