BOLID’STER – RELIABLE DENIM is French label of the most reliable denim ever.

Our field of exploration goes beyond the limits of genuine high-performance jeans.

BOLID’STER is pilot brand and lab of the ARMALITH®2.0 technology.

Our story begins…

in 2003, when Pierre-Henry Servajean created ARMALITH, an ultra-resistant denim made from space age fiber (UHMWPE).

In 2005, the most intrepid stuntmen tested the jeans made of ARMALITH under real conditions (fall at more than 100Km / h over the tar), the jeans resisted and thus entered the legend.

In 2008, a 4 tons 4×4 Hummer is lifted up by an ARMALITH jean.

In 2011 ARMALITH is recognized by ESA and the American Space Foundation (NASA).

In 2014, ARMALITH becomes supple, stretch and adorned with genuine indigo.

In 2016 BOLID’STER Reliable Denim is born.

In 2017 BOLID’STER moves all the manufacture of its performance jeans to France

In 2018 BOLID’STER introduces new iconic models including some of them are declined in Armalith Skin fabric

 BOLID’STER manufactures in France timeless jeans, which allow to combine passion for indigo twill and audacity over the asphalt 

BOLID’STER draws its inspiration, firstly from the world of Denim – particularly with an introspection of its roots and history – and secondly from the passion of beautiful mechanics, whether old or futuristic. If you add to that an ethical and ecological conscience, and a willingness to defend the biker and his freedoms, then you can understand our vision.

Our first range of products has been designed to fit with urban lifestyle, for all lovers of motorcycle, skate, bike … or just for those who are tired of throwing jeans in the trash every 2 years.

70% of bikers ride nowadays with regular jeans. In 70% of accident involving a motorbike, the rider suffers abrasion or lacerations on lowers linbs.

BOLID’STER is a bridge between the respect of their style and a real protection against the risks of abrasion.

Pierre-Henry and the experts around him worked with strong constraints in terms of artistic direction to create unique jeans.

Made of ARMALITH2.0, BOLID’STER jeans are designed to be reliable in case of crash on the tarmac and provide extreme durability and comfort.

These high-tech jeans pay tribute to the history of denim, and finally resonate with a piece of our own history …