The meeting between Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis

The Jean as a clothes is born from the meeting between Levi Strauss and the tailor Jacob Davis, also a owner of a spinning business in Nevada. In the 1870s, Davis designed a solid pant for a lumberjacks from the fabric bought from Levi Strauss. He brings a modification, by adding copper rivets to reinforce the seams, especially pockets and usual wear points. He solves the last weak point of these pant.

For lack of sufficient funds, David suggests to Levi Strauss register a patent making the two men inventors of Jeans with rivet pocket (Patent 139.121 May20, 1873). That is how is born the Jean, a story of industry entrepreneur, technological innovation, patent and Start Up.

The Jean keep going improve over the years

In 1903s, the patent enter into the public domain and all brands of American jeans were prepared by adopting the inevitable rivet. A real stimulation of the competition allow to diversify the supply and the Jeans market takes off. Since that time, the Jeans did not stop evolving. Other actors make their arrival on the market so contributing to the improvement of the Denim as Lee in 1926. He design the first Jean with a zipped fly to replace buttons. Other dates to keep in mind, the arrival of the first jeans for the women in 1934.

But this is only the beginning, other great innovations will follow making jeans a must have. You will discover the rest of this beautiful story in our next article. So be patient!

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