The RIDE’STER is the answer to more resistance, functionality, comfort and the original BOLID’STER design. These extreme jeans are designed in 3D ergonomics for a “riding” position it is ideal to embark on long journeys, and is aimed at purist motorcyclists. The RIDE’STER is tailored in ARMALITH2.0 “power stretch” and includes many technical assets and patented technologies.

The most intrepid will be fulfilled by this “techno / vintage” feat that allows a high level of protection, combined with the breathability and hydrophilic of jeans, even in hot weather.
This product has been designed to withstand a motorcycle crash on road surface and guarantees a resistance of more than 32m to abrasion (4 seconds according to CE-13 595-2 motorcycle standard, and AA rating according to Darmstadt motorcycle standard). The RIDE’STER incorporates CE-approved shock protectors at the hips and knees. Unlike other motorcycle jeans, these shock protectors are fully removable (including liners) which transforms your Jean and increases its spectrum of use. The RIDE’STER is a high-tech jean that guarantees optimal comfort, freedom of movement and protection to the highest standards.

Since 2015, BOLID’STER is in its third generation of RIDE’STER. Here are the differences between the 3 models :

Color Stone Indigo Raw Indigo Raw Indigo
Type of Armalith 3 secondes 24m 4 secondes 32m 4 secondes 32m
Country of manufacturing Tunisia France France
Cut 2D Ergonomic Design 3D Ergonomic Design 3D Ergonomic Design
Fly Zip Button fly Button fly
Thermal Shield Mesh Polyester CS Mesh meta aramid Mesh meta aramid
Belt Classical Pre-shaped belt Pre-shaped belt
Shock Protector Level I Level II Level II
Shock Protection Comfort Classical Ultra-light (80gr), ultra-flat, soft Ultra-light (80gr), ultra-flat, soft
Shock Protection Support Rails and buttonholes Rails and snaps Rails and elastic buttonholes (patented)
Shock protectors are adjustable and removable Yes Yes Yes
Pocket Bank Card Yes Yes Yes
Sewing Thread PA6.6 high tenacity PA6.6 high tenacity PA6.6 high tenacity
Warranty 1 year 10 years 10 years
Serial Number No Yes Yes