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ARMALITH SKIN is a variation of the "long stretch" ARMALITH®, with the same cotton construction reinforced with UHMWPE fibers but with a patented coating.

This coating gives the jeans a "wax" look, somewhere between leather and oiled cotton. It is a real textile embellishment that gives it bright colors but also a vintage look because the surface color hides a monochrome dye in its core that reveals itself with wear. The latest refinement of ARMALITH® SKIN, means it is waterproof, breathable (permanent), and blocks the wind, which is perfect for motorcycling.

Aerospace grade fibers provide abrasion protection over a distance of 20m according to the motorcycle standard CE 18595 if you fall off your bike. Special Special patented breathable waterproof coating. Aged Skin colors : Black, Choco, Olive, Red, Electric Blue

36% CLY :

Fibre cellulosique Lyocell (viscose technique)

33% UHMWPE :

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (fibre aérospatiale) 

15% CO :


9% PA :

High-tenacity Polyamide 6.6

7% LYCR :


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