BOLID’STER is a brand of exceptional jeans created in France. Our desire is to offer authentic jeans led us to choose the ARMALITH2.0 technology with a concentration of innovations developed in the tradition of Denim.

ARMALITH2.0 – A revolutionary technology

ARMALITH2.0 is a denim fabric dedicated to the manufacture of high performance jeans.

Derived from a technology transfer with the aerospace industry, ARMALITH2.0 is the first composite fabric for the manufacture of clothing.

This patented textile innovation enables the world’s strongest jeans.

technologie armalith2.0 bolidster
technologie armalith2.0 bolidster

Characteristics of ARMALITH2.0

ARMALITH2.0 is the only material able to protect against abrasion (including the motorcycle standard 13595-2) in a single layer of fabric, while providing the comfort and look of real jeans.

It is a composite fabric, but the ARMALITH2.0 is soft, hydrophilic, airy, and tinted with a beautiful indigo color that will skate over time.

ARMALITH2.0 is a brilliant “architexture” that allows you to integrate technology into the fabric and clothing.

It is obtained by assembling a cotton with the UHMWPE fiber until now, reserved for space, military and offshore applications.

This exclusive technology is an authentic denim within its heart, a frame giving it the mechanical qualities of leather.


  • its lightness
  • its mecanical resistance
  • its resistance to abrasion
  • its resistance to UVs