BOLID’STER strictly tests all its products to ensure that they answer our specifications. Therefore, if a problem arises on a BOLID’STER product in Armalith and this problem is due to manufacturing defects in the material or garment, we will, in our entire discretion, repair or replace the product in accordance with these terms and conditions of warranty. Repair is limited to replacement of defective parts. The warranty includes the parts and labor of BOLID’STER After Sales Service or its authorized dealers.

The guarantee is linked to the person registered on and corresponding to the serial number. The warranty is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture indicated directly on the product.

The application of the warranty does not give right to any form of compensation or damages for any reason whatsoever. Under no circumstances can the BOLID’STER warranty authorizes you to request a refund of the price paid in the event of a defective or damaged product.

BOLID’STER constantly adapts its products to the needs of the users and to the technical evolution and can modify and delete the models present in its catalog without notice. Articles that are no longer in the catalog will be repaired according to the closest or most technically relevant product.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation or the execution of the present conditions of Warranty will be, if not amicably resolved between the parts, submitted to the exclusive competence of the courts of Paris and the application of the French law.


The BOLID’STER Warranty applies unless otherwise specified to all Armalith® products registered and used under normal conditions. The duration of the BOLID’STER warranty is 10 years and applies from the date of manufacture of the product indicated inside it. The BOLID’STER warranty covers any defective item in terms of materials or manufacturing (eg buttons, rivets or seams).

The BOLID’STER Warranty does not apply to the following damages:

  • Products that have been subjected to a mechanical shock: fall on a motorcycle, fall in skateboard, snags .
  • Heat shocked products: iron, fireplace, fire camping, burning with the muffler.
  • Defective products resulting from improper use of the product or our requirements, negligence or poor maintenance on the part of the user.
  • Damage resulting from abuse (such as tears, burns, cuts and holes in the fabric) and aesthetic damage (for example, stained or scuffed fabrics)
  • Products resulting from modifications or repairs made outside the After Sales Service BOLID’STER or that of its authorized distributors.
  • Damage originating from external causes of the product: theft, fall, lightning, flood, fire, product damaged during transport, product sent back without its e original packaging.


  • We repair the item covered by the conditions of the BOLID’STER warranty.
  • If the damage and / or defect are irreparable, we will replace the item.
  • If we are not able to replace the item by the same model, we you will offer a similar product of comparable value.


To launch into the warranty procedure, the defective product must be registered beforehand and exclusively on You must complete a form indicating your contact information and the serial number of the jeans, detail the damage and attach the invoice. purchase, a photo of the serial number and a photo of the defective product.
Once this first step is done, the BOLID’STER team will indicate to you whether or not the defect or damage of your product is covered by the warranty.
If this is the case, you will have to send us your product at your expense to have it repaired or replaced (if necessary). The sending address will then be indicated to you during your exchanges by e-mail with the BOLID’STER team.
Repair times are variable and will be indicated at the start of the warranty procedure. In the case of a replacement of the jeans, you will receive the new jeans within 7 days of receipt of the defective jeans subject to availability in our stock.
Once repaired, the jeans will be returned to you without shipping costs to your address. We do not support customs fees or other taxes.


In the case where the product can not benefit from the warranty because the damage is not covered or can no longer be covered by the guarantee (expiration of the warranty) and if the repair is possible, this can be done by our repair service after acceptance by the user of a repair quote.


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