The JACK’STER is the first Armalith® Jacket proposed by BOLID’STER. With fitted cut, the JACK’STER is a lightness jacket that offers a a great freedom of movement while protection. Indeed, like the jeans in ARMALITH®, the JACK’STER provides 32m of slide abrasion in case of motorcycle fall on the tarmac.

Interview about the JACK’STER

Thomas participant to our last Kickstarter campaign shares his feedback and his feeling about the jacket thought an interview.

To begin, Could you tells us more about you in few words and talk about your motorcycle practicing ?

My name is Thomas and I’m 29 years old. I practice motorbike since the age of 13 years old almost daily. I use my bike to go to work (Trip to Ile de France) and the weekend to walk around.

Jackster veste denim en armalith

It’s been several weeks since you are testing the JACK’STER what do you think about it?

The JACK’STER is my first jacket in “Jeans”. So I did not have any prejudice. My only expectations were lightness, freedom of movement, and protection in the event of a fall. On the point of lightness we can not do better, the JACK’STER you put on you and you don’t feel it. With its technology in ARMALITH®, Denim is not as rigid as traditional jeans, so I did not feel any discomfort in my movements

What do you think about the cut of the JACK’STER ?

The cut of the JACK’STER is well done, fitted just enough, the sleeves are at the right size not too long as often on motorcycle jackets. I also use it when I do not ride a motorcycle.

Have you try the JACK’STER during hot days(<25°C) ? If yes, was it comfortable to wear it ?

Yes I used it during the hot days of this summer. I was really expecting this aspect and I must say that it pleased me directly. When the temperature was over 35 ° C in the Parisian traffic, the fact of not “bake” as with a traditional jacket is really nice. Especially since the closure is in button, the air passes more easily.

Have you already fall with the JACK’STER ? What’s happen ?

I didn’t fall with the JACK’STER yet.

In three words mots, what do you like the most with the JACK’STER ?

What I like the most with the JACK’STER is: The comfort, it is pleasant to wear by its lightness, its texture that does not stick to the skin and its breathability.The style, well-waisted cut and ideal to wear even when you don’t ride your motorcycle.The technology, the Armalith brings all the aspects that I was looking for a summer jacket, ie, lightness, safety, freshness, and comfort

Many thanks to you Thomas for this interview and your feedback on the JACK’STER. This may allow to some people who’s hesitating to take a plunge and acquire one in turn !

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