Few months ago, one of our customers who bought the RIDE’STER 16 contact us by email to tell us about his motorcycle accident. Actually John had a motorcycle crash in Kathmandu at 40hm/h. He was wearing a RIDE’STER 16 and the jeans saved his skin. As he said « They saved my ass or knees, literally ». 

Thought a little interview is telling us what’s happen and how the jeans protected him.  

Interview about a motorcycle crash with the RIDE’STER 16

How did your motorcycle crash happen ? 

My wife and I went Nepal for a week with a plan to ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara and do some side trips into the Himalayan Foothills.  

The day we arrived I rented a Royal Enfield Himalayan and took it for a span around Kathmandu. The traffic in Kathmandu is chaos; lots of cars, lots of motorcycles, no traffic lights and traffic laws are treated more like traffic suggestions. I live in Bangkok and ride my motorcycle there every day, so I am used to crowded, chaotic roads and consider myself a pretty vigilant bike rider, cautious in bad traffic, eyes always open looking for that one vehicle that might do something stupid.  

Our second day, my wife and I planned to head out for a day trip into the foothills east of Kathmandu—full gear on of course. About 5Km into the trip, still on our way out of Kathmandu, we were driving down a road that had traffic backed up for a right turn, but since we were turning left, the lane was wide open. We were doing about 40 Km/h when a taxi in the right lane suddenly pulled out in from to us about 8 meters ahead of us.  There was no time to react, we hit the taxi with a solid glancing blow and went down hard.  

It was all kind of a blur—I wound up 10 meters down the road with the bike on top of my leg.  My wife was thrown clear and rolled.  

I had a GoPro on my helmet so I was able to look at the footage after the crash.  There was a lot of debris flying about—all from the taxi.  

After that a few local guys jumped out of a bus next to where I landed and stopped traffic and pulled the bike off of me.  

How fast were you ?

40 Km/h or a bit more. 

Have you been hurt ? 

I had some serious bumps and bruises, but nothing was broken.  I slid quite a way on the pavement with the bike of top of my leg. 

Motorcycle Crash Ridester 16

In what state is the jeans ?

I slid quite a way on the pavement with the bike of top of my leg—maybe 10 meters. The jeans had a 1/2 cm small hole on top of the knee pads, but the shoulder of my Dainese jacket was shredded and my helmet had some pretty serious scratches—but that was all.  Not a scratch on me.  

According to you are the shock protection of motorcycle garment useful ?

Absolutely. Where I didn’t have shock protection, I had some very big, ugly, purple bumps and bruises. Definitely think shock protection is useful. 

If you had to choose between a pant with full abrasion protection and no shock protection OR the reverse ?

I wouldn’t compromise on either. Both are critical, that’s why I chose RIDE’STER jeans ! 

Do you want to add something?

The jeans are still road-worthy (my wife patched the small hole), but I want to get another pair of the new RIDE’STER III jeans for me—and a pair for my wife.  I was impressed by how rugged they were a how well they held up.  The only reason I am getting a second pair is so I can have one to wear and one to wash—I wear them every day now. 

The jeans fit well and look good.  I work in a tech company where casual clothes like jeans are everyday office attire; I regularly ride my motorcycle to meetings, change my shirt but keep the jeans on—it looks like casual wear, not motorcycle wear. They look good! 

Thanks a lot John for your testimony that show us the importance of the motorcycle gear especially the pants. 

During a motorbike accident, the cotton coating disappears, leaving bare the technical fibres to provide a ‘rampart’ against the road surface, which can help prevent injury. Once the fabric has suffered scraping in this manner it will no longer offer the same degree of protection, as a result of the thermal shock applied to the technical fibre. In conclusion the Jeans should no longer be considered as protective. So we advise you to change it and have a new one.