French manufacture, for common sense !


Since 2017, the manufacture of our jeans and jackets is entirely made in France. Each piece is born from an encounter with the best French and European craftsmanship, especially for the ARMALITH® fabric. We have chosen to transfer all the manufacturing of our products to France in order to support the local economy, create jobs or perpetuate know-how.

Only the JEAN’STER 2016 and the RIDE’STER 2016, model that can still be found on our website have been made in Tunisia.

The materials of our jeans and jackets

Our products are made from three materials: cotton, UHMWPE (technical fiber) and Lycra®.

The cotton yarn that goes into the composition of our products is delivered in the form of raw bales in our partner factory that manufactures ARMALITH® fabric. Our cotton supply comes from Greece. It is certified by different eco-labels like OEKO-TEX®. This ensures that our cotton is free from toxic products for the body and the environment.

The manufacture of ARMALITH® fabric

Processus de fabrication made in France Bolidster

ARMALITH® fabric is manufactured in Valencia, Spain, in our partner factory. It is composed of five steps.

The first stage of ARMALITH® fabric manufacturing is spinning. It consists of assembling the technical soul with its cotton blanket to create a technical thread.

The next step is the indigo dyeing of the wire. It is a slow process composed of several baths. The dyeing is done cold so as not to heat the technical fiber.

Then comes the weaving stage. It is carried out slowly on powerful looms because the ARMALITH® yarn is more massive, without any elasticity and completely unbreakable, delicate operation because in case of problem, machines can break …. This is when we insert the cotton weft yarn with lycra. Lycra makes it possible to have a stretch fabric.

The 4th step is the finish. It is an exclusive process of fixing at low temperature which then allows to wash the fabric to infinity without it relaxes.

Finally, once the manufacture of the finished fabric, it undergoes a test battery: cut, burst, resistance to abrasion …

Processus de fabrication made in France Bolidster

French manufacture of jeans and jackets

Processus de fabrication made in France Bolidster

The ARMALITH® fabric rolls are then sent to Capbreton in France in our garment factory. The fabric is then cut, assembled and sewn by hand by seamstresses and tailors.

The sewing thread we use is a thread specially developed in Lille. It is a triple tenacity high-tenacity non-textured continuous filament made of 100% polyamide 6.6.

Once made, the products are sent by truck to “the Sorcier” in Bordeaux for the final stages of manufacturing that are ennoblement and quality control. The products will then undergo a subtle wash to change the tone of indigo and give the characteristic color of BOLID’STER products.

The products are then stamped (quality control ok) and ready for shipment. All products have a unique serial number

Processus de fabrication made in France Bolidster

It is by the realization of all these stages that we can affirm that our products are manufactured in France or Made in France because more than 45% of the added value is realized in France.

More information about the Made in France appellation here.