We are very happy to introduce you our new athlete in the Team Kévin Dufourg. Stunt practicing, Kévin is our test pilot for the RIDE’STER II. He’s testing the jeans since a few months now. He’s telling us everything about his sporting discipline and his feeling about the RIDE’STER II.



Can you introduce yourself ? 

I’m Kévin Dufourg. I’m 30 years old. I’m living in the Basque Country in Saint Jean de Luz in South West of France. Motorcycle enthusiast, I’m practicing Stunt since ten years now.

Can you talk to us about your sporting discipline ? What is it about ?

Stunt is an international freestyle sporting discipline that consist in doing various acrobatics on a motorcycle with more or less powerful engine. At the beginning, it started from a excitation with friend, where we gather on a straight line (without traffic) or in a carpark at the weekend to learn how to master the motorbike ( rear wheels, front wheels, burn…). Over time, the motorcycles evolved and allowed to push the sport very far. Today, the Stunt has its own competition, which can be compared to skating competition in scoring point of view. We go before a committee and we have 3 minutes to make a run. We are noted on the quality of the run : the difficulty, the aggressiveness, the style and the execution. 

What do you need to practice the Stunt ? Are there special equipment ? 

The stunt bikes are fully modified for practice. The most important is to have good protections called crash bar that can lift the bike without damage after a fall and keep training. Then we add a second rear brake lever under the clutch that allows you to master the bike when you do not have access to the original one. The transmission is replaced by a shorter one (big crown and small pinion). The tank is shaped so that it can be moved easily. Here are the main modifications on the bike. But each driver has his tricks and his preferences. Just like the bike, the driver must be well protected. The fall is inevitable to evolve so it must be well protected if you want to get up: full face helmet, gloves, dorsal, pants …

Where do you practice the Stunt? 

Nowadays, It’s really hard to find a place to train because he doesn’t exist special place dedicated to this sport. So I’m often looking for new spot where I can keep progress without disturbing people around. Currently, I’m training every weekend in the Landes. I found a little parking closed to the traffic.

What do you like the most in practicing Stunt? 

What I like most about Stunt is the sense of sharing. In France, we are a small community of Stunners and we know almost everyone through social networks and gatherings. Those who make exchanges a lot easier. If we have a problem with a motorcycle, or if we have difficulty getting a new trick, there will always be a Stunner who will help us.

What is your greatest satisfaction when you ride?

When I’m riding my motorbike, I’m feeling free. I’m only thinking about what I’m doing and nothing else. The Stunt allow me to meet a lot of people known or not who now are a part of my family. 

How did you know BOLID’STER ? 

First I heard about BOLID’STER on social media. This new fabric almost indestructible attracted my curiosity. I made inquiries and then my friend Rémi Arromba (Downhill Skateboarder) already sponsored by BOLID’STER gives me his feelings. For him these jeans are revolutionary. Afterwards, he introduced me to the boss who told me the whole story of this famous fabric and here I am today in the BOLID’STER team.

It’s been several weeks since you ride the RIDE’STER II what do you think? What do you like most about the RIDE’STER II?

Before the RIDE’STER, I wore basic jeans that I changed once a month because of falls. The slightest contact with the asphalt tore the jeans instantly. Here is two months that I’m wearing the RIDE’STER II and not a hanging. The fabric is amazing, I tried to drift with the knee on the ground and the jeans just lost a little of his color. In addition to being strong, The RIDE’STER is very light and become soft quickly. This allows me to do the acrobatics that require me flexibility without blocking me. The RIDE’STER II is well thought from A to Z, it’s “MADE IN FRANCE”. Every detail is careful work and the removable protections inside the jeans do not even feel. What I like the most with the RIDE’STER II is that its use does not only reserve for motorcycle or extreme sports; its cut and its lightness make it possible to wear it daily without embarrassment.

Kevin-Dufourf-Stunt-Rider-RIDESTER II

What do you during your journey when you are not doing Stunt ? 

When I’m not riding my motorbike, I’m doing some home improvement in order that she will be ready for the next time. A Stunteur must be a handyman because as I said, the fall is part of the sport. Rare are the Stunteur who manage to live their passion. So I also have a job. I’m a master of aeronautical painting.

What are your plans for 2019 ? 

For 2019, I plan to make some videos, I will also participate to some gathering. And I will work hard to improve myself and maybe try to do a competition. Some dates of shows will complete the schedule but one thing is sure, I will not be bored.

A word to add ? 

Good ride to all,  enjoy your life.