The Shorter

short denim en armalith

The SHORTER is one of the latest novelty proposed by BOLIDSTER in its new 2018 collection. Classic cut and robust manufacturing, the SHORTER combines elegance and performance. It is ideal for the beautiful season and can be worn for any occasion. It’s a durable short that will accompany you all summer.

Designed using aerospace-grade UHMWPE fiber, the same fiber found in all BOLIDSTER jeans, the SHORTER provides abrasion resistance over a distance of 20m in the event of a fall, especially when you practice skateboarding.

Let’s clarify things right away, the SHORTER is not at all intended, adapted, and recommended for the practice of the motorcycle or other motor sports whatever they are. We strongly advise against using it for this kind of practice. The SHORTER will not protect your calves in case of a fall!

Interview of Rémi Arromba about the Shorter

Our Team Rider Rémi Arromba who practices downhill skateboarding was the first to test the SHORTER. He shares his feedback and his feelings on the SHORTER through a small exclusive interview

To begin Remi, can you introduce yourself in a few words for those who do not know you yet and tell us about your practice of longboarding?

Hello ! I’m Remi, I’m 27 years old and I come from the Landes (South West of France). I’m doing downhill and freeride longboard for 3 years now and it’s been over 2 years that i’m following the brand Bolidster and  testing their jeans. I move all over France to make a maximum of events.

The downhill longboard consist in climb up a slope, often a pass and descend at full speed by managing each turn in an optimized way to brake the minimum. I also do Freeride. It consists in going into slopes of any type without having as objective speed. The idea is to have fun taking turns and making slides, sometimes associated with figures, or simply large curves.

Slide en skate avec le short bolidster

It’s been several months now that you are testing the SHORTER what do you think about it?

For me it is the perfect ally for small sunny skate sessions, no headache, we take his skateboard, his gloves, his helmet and let’s go, we already have the shorts on you. The cut is very nice, he fits well, he is stretch and therefore offers great freedom of movement. It is super comfortable to wear in any condition and offers the protection of a real BOLID’STER jeans. It’s a shorts that you can put every day.

Have you already fall with the SHORTER? What’s happen ?

Yes several times on the buttocks (to change) but not as hard as with BOLID’STER jeans. It was on smaller falls with less speed, but the impact was there. No injury, no pizza (burn), the shorts did not move. I teach you nothing, the Armalith has already proved your worth.

What do you like the most with the SHORTER?

I would say its lightness, the freedom of movement it offers and the fact of being able to wear it every day.

Talking about longboarding what have you planned this year ? At Which events would you like to participate ?

I just came back from “Mourtis”, a downhill mountain road event organized by ALT, the longboard association of Toulouse. It was crazy! The next event I will do is the VVF in Anglet organized by Euskal Freeride, there will be a SHORTER in games. I will also do Montaut Express, event that I organize with the SLCL. Then all the other freeride in the area hoping I have enough leg to make them all.

A big thanks to you Rémi for this interview and for your feedback in real conditions. Your falls and your detailed reports allow us to progress notably at the seams and to propose more powerful products. We have recently developed with a French company a new sewing thread that is much more resistant. It will now assemble all BOLIDSTER products in Armalith.

We wish you a good ride ! Enjoy the beautiful season that are coming !

More information about the Shorter here !