As opposed to other forms of transport, like driving a car, motorcycle riding presents a greater risk to the rider in the event of a fall. In this context, a wide variety of protective gear has been developed to prevent injuries and to protect the rider in the case that he or she unfortunately suffers a fall. Because of the lack of protection compared to that of a regular car driver, motorcyclists are at risk to a number of sport-specific injuries: fractures, abrasions, sprains, and bruises.

How abrasions are a main risk for bikers ? 

Intuitively, the main risk to bikers is to suffer a head injury resulting from a bad fall; which is why the French have imposed that any two-wheel motorcyclists must wear a helmet. However, nothing is imposed in regards to protective clothing. In addition, as the sport has been democratized, there have been too many cases of bikers riding in jeans, which offer absolutely no protection against second degree caused when the biker’s skin rubs against the tarmac in the event of a fall. In fact, 70% of bikers wear no specialized protective clothing for the bottom (while a majority wear leather jacket for the top…). It is therefore no coincidence that abrasions in lower limbs have resulted in 70% of motorcycle-related injuries.

New Innovations

As a result, the trick is to find an item of clothing that offers sufficient protection to a biker against abrasions, whilst bearing in mind a biker’s desire to possess a comfortable and stylish item of clothing. Professional stunt-man Alain Bour recently tested a pair of jeans made of ARMALITH® denim fabric, in order to verify its resistance to skin burn in the event of a fall. In a fall of 280 joules (a number calculated using the rider’s weight in relation to speed of impact), ARMALITH’s product came out with flying colors as it softened the impact even though only one layer of fabric had been used to sew the pair of protective jeans, and had resisted to 32m of abrasion. Such a test is a testimony to the quality and durability of ARMALITH’s products.

ARMALITH® is the leader in high-performance denim, with the mission of offering a protective item of clothing without compromising on comfort or style. Designed with bikers in mind, the fabric that ARMALITH® produce is developed using Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene, and can withstand up to 54m of abrasions. Such a product will keep you safe, and will look good and respect the environment whilst doing so.

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Credit Photo : Warren Lecart