Hipster skin jeans en armalith

The HIP’STER SKIN is one of the last jeans proposed by BOLID’STER in its last collection. It is differentiated by its more fitted cut than the JEAN’STER but also by its material. He’s made of ARMALITH® 2.0 SKIN : a declension of the “long stretch” Armalith… same cotton construction reinforced at the core by UHMWPE fibers armament, PLUS a patented coating. This coating provides a “wax” look and hand between leather and wax cotton. She is also water repellent and windblocker which is perfect for riding motorcycle. As the JEAN’STER, the HIP’STER SKIN allows 20m slide abrasion resistance in case of motorcycle crash.

Exclusive interview with one of our loyal customers about the HIP’STER SKIN

One of our loyal customers and enthusiast  about motorcycle Sylvain Lyoen acquired a HIPSTER Skin during our Kickstarter 2018 campaign. He shares his feedback and his feelings on his new jeans through a small interview.

To begin, Could you tells us more about you in few words and talk about your motorcycle practicing ?  

I started practicing motorcycle a little bit late but I’m very engaged in what I do.  Very quickly I develop a taste for motorcycle until to sell my car and now I only move with my motorcycle. I have a BMW RNineT and a Special HD Fatboy which both are highly customized because i must confess it’s my passion.


Hipster Skin Armalith Jeans

It’s been several weeks since you are testing the HIP’STER SKIN what do you think about it?

If I always ride with motorcycle jeans, the HIP’STER Skin was immediately more flexible and especially more pleasant in summer. I live in a country where the summer temperature oscillates between 35 and 45 degrees so it is important for me. These ARMALITH Skin jeans allow me to ride safely and comfortably. What happiness ! And with its very modern cut, I can also wear it without looking like a robot!

What do you think about the cut of the HIP’STER SKIN ? 

Very modern cut, the fabric incorporates lycra which makes it very pleasant to wear and see worn 🙂  And the fact of adding colors (mine is chocolate brown like my bike ) is awesome.

Have you try the HIP’STER SKIN during hot days(<25°C) If yes, was it comfortable to wear it ?

Absolutely as I mentioned just before.

Have you already fall with the HIP’STER SKIN ? What’s happen ? 

Hopefully I didn’t fall with the HIP’STER for the moment. And I don’t hope to experience this aspect either 🙂 But I know the ARMALITH fiber and I can trust him.

In three words mots, what do you like the most with the HIP’STER SKIN? 

Cut, Comfort, Security

Many thanks to you Sylvain Lyoen for this interview and your feedback on the HIPSTER SKIN. This may allow to some people who’s hesitating to take a plunge and acquire one in turn 🙂

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