Congratulations! You have just bought a pair of BOLID’STER® jeans made out of ARMALITH®, a genuine and high resistance jeans due to an advanced and patented technology without any equivalent in a unique French style.
Here is a bit of advice to take care and make the best use out of your new gear year after year.

Fitting :

Your BOLID’STER Jeans is going to release so do not hesitate to choose a little tight and count about 10 hours break-in (30 hours for a RIDE’STER).

Irregularities on the fabric:

… are normal features. These irregularities with patina will increase over time and are an integral part of the BOLID’STER “Reliable Denim” jeans design.

Storage :

Keep away from any source of heat and in particular the exhausts of motorcycles that do not benefit from thermal protection.


Your BOLID’STER jeans is raw and this is you the hero who are in charge of “writing your hectic life” on it ! After several washes, it is quite normal for the fabric to become softer and for the colors to fade away giving the desired vintage look. Don’t forget to always wash inside out at low temperature so that’s 30° in the washing machine.


Best is to lay your BOLID’STER jeans flat to dry. The ironing is not necessary, especially if the spin-dry is slow (400 spins). You can also tumble dry with a very care program


(hems etc.) To avoid faulty workmanship with this highly technical fabric (particularly to maintain its robustness) it is preferable that the seamstress should have experience with leatherwear.

Motorbike spills:

During a motorbike accident, the cotton coating disappears, leaving bare the technical fibres to provide a ‘rampart’ against the road surface, which can help prevent injury. Once the fabric has suffered scraping in this manner it will no longer offer the same degree of protection, as a result of the thermal shock applied to the technical fibre. The Jeans should no longer be considered as protective. The JEAN’STER, JENY’STER, SHORT’ER provide 20 m slide abrasion resistance in case of fall on the tarmac according to 13595-2 protocol and the RIDE’STER and the JACK’STER provide 32m slide abrasion resistance. Beyond this distance, the UHMWPE technical fiber will melt. Under no circumstances should this melted material reach your skin. This is due to the unique and patented architecture of ARMALITH.

Ten-Years Warranty :

All BOLID’STER ARMALITH products are manufactured in France and have a unique serial number. This number, along with your purchase invoice, allows you to register at and receive a 10-year warranty against any defect in manufacturing.

Serial Number:

The serial number is on the right orange pocket inside the jeans or on leather pad in the back of the jeans for the 2018 models.

Special stains:

Motor grease: Put petrol F on a cotton pad, dab the stains locally without rubbing so as not to degrade the color, then immediately spread pure dishwashing liquid (Mir or other), leave on for 15 minutes to degrade the oil and machine wash at 30 ° on the back with always a liquid detergent! (especially no laundry powder). Attention this is not a guarantee of success, but it seems, the best way to proceed in this case …