Motorcycle pants with color coating. The indispensable urban motorcycle jeans, with a slim fit and sleek design, the HIP'STER has become key, as the only jeans to combine high performance and sharp design. How to choose the size of your jeans ?
Guide des tailles

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Crotch length (B) is 34″ or 87cm for all sizes of jeans.

The HIP'STER Skin Color

Slim-fitting and 100% ARMALITH®. This fashionable variation of the HIP'STER indigo brings together avant-garde materials and semi-industrial manufacturing in our French workshop. Its precise construction and "oiled" finish, allow the modern man to assert his style. This item is timeless. EASY : Breathable, light, absorbent, stretch, machine washable.

Added Extra


  • UHMWPE aerospace grade fibre to ensure abrasion resistance over a distance of 22m if you fall off your bike, according to the conditions of the motorcycle standard Cambridge CE-13595-2 or AA 70Km/h according to the motorcycle standard Darmstadt.
  • Resistance to cutting, tearing, bursting, traction and UV.
  • High tenacity PA6.6 sewing thread, derived from airbag technology.

Fabric :

  • Armalith® 2.0 Skin 14Oz

Composition :

  • 36% CLY (technical viscose)
  • 33% UHMWPE
  • 15% Cotton
  • 9% PA 6.6 HT
  • 7% Lycra®

Cut :

  • Fitted (can be worn with town shoes).
  • Stretch belt

Color :

  • Kaki, Choco, Red, Blue, Black

Manufacturing :

  • Numbered
  • Made In France 🇫🇷
  • Ten-year warranty

Eco-Responsability :

  • Cold manufacturing saves energy as well as maintaining elasticity after more than 1000 washes.
  • The raw finish saves energy and water.
  • Components from workshops in France, Spain and Italy.
  • Short logistic circuit (less than 1000km from yarn to finished jeans).

Size Advice :

  • The jeans should be a bit tight when you buy them, after that they will gradually adjust to your body shape.
  • THE HIP'STER Skin has a lot of stretch, but it’s blocked by a primer resin that we apply in finishing. This finishing allows the jeans to "learn" and memorize their owner’s body shape.
  • After about thirty hours of wear then a few washes, the resin gives way to a superb patina and the jeans are a perfect shape.

Line HIP’ster

The HIP'STER is designed for urban use, with or without a motorcycle. It marks a major development in the Denim tradition. Their popularity in the BOLID'STER collection, has led us to design them in several different fabrics.

They are close-fitting, slim or skinny because each ARMALITH fabric has its own stretch and thickness. If design is important to you, the HIP’STER’s finish and perfect construction will make them an essential part of your wardrobe. This 21st century clothing item will give you a taste of freedom. It will accompany you every time you ride. And if you hit the tarmac, it will protect your skin! Flexible and light, its single-layer construction is an advantage in terms of comfort, but also safety. And makes the HIP'STER a modern icon in the long history of jeans.