Kevin Dufourg : Stunt Rider and test pilot of the RIDE’STER II

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We are very happy to introduce you our new athlete in the Team Kévin Dufourg. Stunt practicing, Kévin is our test pilot for the RIDE'STER II. He's testing the jeans since a few months now. He's telling us everything about his sporting discipline and his feeling about the RIDE'STER II. INTERVIEW OF KEVIN [...]

The JACK’STER a lightness jacket that offers great freedom of movement

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The JACK'STER The JACK'STER is the first Armalith® Jacket proposed by BOLID'STER. With fitted cut, the JACK'STER is a lightness jacket that offers a a great freedom of movement while protection. Indeed, like the jeans in ARMALITH®, the JACK'STER provides 32m of slide abrasion in case of motorcycle fall on the tarmac. Interview about [...]

Hipster Skin : The perfect jeans to go riding the motorcycle in the summer

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The HIP'STER SKIN The HIP'STER SKIN is one of the last jeans proposed by BOLID'STER in its last collection. It is differentiated by its more fitted cut than the JEAN'STER but also by its material. He's made of ARMALITH® 2.0 SKIN : a declension of the “long stretch” Armalith… same cotton construction reinforced [...]

Manufacturing Process of Bolidster product

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French manufacture, for common sense ! Since 2017, the manufacture of our jeans and jackets is entirely made in France. Each piece is born from an encounter with the best French and European craftsmanship, especially for the ARMALITH® fabric. We have chosen to transfer all the manufacturing of our products to [...]

Interview shorter: Shorts that combine elegance and performance

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The Shorter The SHORTER is one of the latest novelty proposed by BOLIDSTER in its new 2018 collection. Classic cut and robust manufacturing, the SHORTER combines elegance and performance. It is ideal for the beautiful season and can be worn for any occasion. It's a durable short that will accompany you [...]

Summer Drink in Baigneuses – Wheels and Waves

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BOLID'STER Team is pleased to invite you to a convivial aperitif on the terrace with a fantastic view over the ocean. Join us to have a drink, discuss and spend a beautiful evening ! For VIP Status, register here : Meeting at 6 pm Rooftop les Baigneuses 14 rue du Port-Vieux 64200 Biarritz [...]

The evolution of the Jean from 1960s to today !

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The first Stretch Jean In the 1960s, an American scientific Joseph Shivers invents the fiber K, a polyurethane derivate with flexible and resistant properties that will quickly spread in the textile industry. But it’s only in the 1980s that the Jean’s manufacturers managed to integrate this material into the blue fabric. The jeans thus [...]

1873, the birth of the Jeans by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis

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The meeting between Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis The Jean as a clothes is born from the meeting between Levi Strauss and the tailor Jacob Davis, also a owner of a spinning business in Nevada. In the 1870s, Davis designed a solid pant for a lumberjacks from the fabric bought from Levi Strauss. He brings [...]

1853 – History of jeans

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Today, you are 1853 to follow us on Facebook. It’s a great advance since our first step and we wanted to thank you warmly. But 1853, in Jean History, it’s also the starting point...Explication Did you say « Jeans » ? The History of Jean begins in the sixteenth century in the port town of [...]