The Armalith 2.0 that equips all Bolidster jeans is … S T R E T C H!

This means that the fabric is able to stretch and return to the initial point. This effect of Denim Stretch is obtained by inserting into the composite architecture a dose of Lycra. This seems a regular process however it has led us to breaktrougth innovation to ensure this cold operation and thus preserve the full mechanical properties of the reinforcing fibers. As a result, this operation has a low impact energy and the elasticity is permanent, even after hundreds of washes (no bagging).

armalith stretch

With the long stretch,

the fabric composition is:

51% Cotton


9% PA

7% Lycra

With the Power Stretch,

the fiber composition is: :

51% Cotton


7% Lycra

The JENY’STERS, JEAN’STERS and HIP’STERS models are equipped with the Armalith 2.0 Long Stretch fabric version.

RIDE’STERS and JACK’STER models are equipped with the Armalith 2.0 Power Stretch fabric version.

These two versions of the Armalith respectively provide 20m up to 32m slide abrasion resistance in case of motorcyle fall on the tarmac according to CE-13595-2 protocol which attempts to classify the protective performance of motorcycle jeans.

The JENY’STER SKIN and HIP’STER SKIN models are equipped with the Armalith 2.0 Skin Long Stretch fabric version. They provide abrasion protection over a distance of 20m according to motorcycle standard CE 13595-2 in case of motorcycle fall. The Armalith Skin is a variation of the Armalith Long Stretch, same construction but with a patented water-repellent breathable coating. To learn more about the Armalith Skin.

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