The Armalith Skin is a declension of the “long stretch” Armalith… same cotton construction reinforced at the core by UHMWPE fibers armament, PLUS a patented coating.

This coating provides a “wax” look and hand between leather and wax cotton. This is a real textile finishing will give a bright but also vintage color because the surface hides a dye heart in shades which will reveal with wear and time …

Last refinement of ARMALITH SKIN, it is water-reppelent (permanent) and windblocker which is perfect for riding motorcycle.

Space age UHMWPE fiber that allows 20m slide abrasion resistance in case of motorcycle crash.

36% CLY : Lyocell Cellulosic Fiber
33% UHMWPE : Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
15% CO : Cotton
9% PA : Polyamide
7% LYCR : Lycra®

Patented breathable and water-repellent coating.

Colored vintage finishing : Black, Choco, Olive, Red, Electric Blue